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Le thé vert et ses cathéchines -   (French only)
Green tea and its cathechine

Profile de Ginseng - PasseportSanté.net(May 2011)  (French only)
Let's know more about Ginseng


Gelée royale - PasseportSanté.net (May 2011)  (French only)
Let's know more about Royal Jelly


Profile de Thé- Paulette Vanier (October 2008)  (French only)
Let's know more about Tea


Benefit of drinking green tea -- Harvard Health Publications (September 2004)

A research published by Harvard Health Publications of Harvard Medical School indicated it is very good to drink green tea.


Why green should be your cup of tea - Leslie Beck, Globe and Mail (July 5th 2011)

A new study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests another good reason for drinking green tea.


Natural Health Products - Health Canada

Visit Health Canada's official website to learn more about how natural health products (NHPs) are regulated in Canada.