About Us

Your satisfaction without compromise!

Founded by Mr. Jimmy Ho in 1985, MAYAKA is a Quebec based company with more than 25 years of experience in phytotherapy. Our success is based on our ability and expertise in producing high quality natural products for people's well being. This is a result of the combination of our strengths:

o We know our customers’ needs regarding health and well being.

o We use a long-standing heritage of traditional oriental medicine formulas which have proven their efficiency over thousands of years.

o We use international state-of-the art technology for research and development, manufacturing, and quality control for all our products.

Mayaka: In touch with your changing needs

Every year MAYAKA introduces new products to enrich the diversity of its range. This constant product evolution enables our valued customers to meet all their natural products needs and achieve a state of physical and psychological well-being and healthy lifestyle.

MAYAKA has been consistently providing outstanding products by making the best use of our extensive knowledge in phytotherapy to optimize the concentration of combined active components from rare herbs and plants, and by exploiting our decades-long experience in the industry to obtain the best ingredients.

MAYAKA: A symbol of quality

MAYAKA’s commitment is in our ability to offer all our customers the highest quality product available. All ingredients are carefully selected in order to optimize the effect of the active ingredients and achieve desired results. Rigorous quality control procedures throughout the production process ensure a contaminant free environment.

As a holder of GMP and Health Canada’s licensing, we ensure our clients that our products are held at the tightest quality control standards in Canada, the United States, Australia and Europe.

All Mayaka organic products are certified either by Ecocert F32600 or by the Institute for Marketecology (IMO) 23445-L.